Child Car Seat Installation To Be Held

Car seat checks for new parents and grandparents!
April 26, 2014 from 10am to 5pm
Sanford Central Fire Station (rear parking lot) 
512 Hawkins Ave., Sanford

To make an appt, please contact Krista @ 919-775-8310 no later than April 23rd.

NC Crime Victims Compensation

Many victims of crime are left with nothing and very little notice when it comes to pay for expenses, etc.

If you're not familiar with the program, please take a minute and check it out here

Victims Compensation Services reimburses citizens who suffer medical expenses and lost wages as a result of being an innocent victim of a crime committed in North Carolina. Victims of rape, assault, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and drunk driving, as well as the families of homicide victims are eligible to apply for financial help.  Since 1987, Victims Compensation Services has assisted innocent victims and their families to heal from the devastating effects of criminal violence with payments for a diversity of needs, including medical care, counseling, lost wages and funerals. Like other compensation programs, North Carolina is a payer of last resort paying for financial losses not covered by other sources, including, but not limited to:
  • Health Insurance
  • Auto or disability insurance
  • Public funds such as Medicaid
  • Workers Compensation; or
  • Restitution paid by an offender.
The program does NOT compensate victims for damaged or stolen property or for pain and suffering.

A maximum of $30,000 may be paid for an award for medical expenses related to treatment of injuries as a result of the crime. A maximum of $5,000 may be paid for funeral expenses when the victim dies as a result of the crime. Benefits for approved claims are paid directly to a service provider. 

While no amount of money can erase the trauma and grief victims suffer, this aid can be crucial in the recovery process. By paying for care that restores victims' physical and mental health, and by replacing lost income for victims who cannot work and for families who lose a breadwinner, compensation programs are helping victims regain their lives and their financial stability.

National Telecommunicators Week

Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as Public Safety Telecommunicators.  These are the "first line of defense" individuals you speak with when you activate the 9-1-1 system or call our non-emergency line needing assistance. 

This time each year, many state and local governments will take time out to honor their “behind-the-scenes heroes,” who are not as visible as the men and women who arrive at the scene of emergencies, but are just as critical to the safety and service provided to the community.

If you will, please help me celebrate these crucial individuals this week for a job well done, day in and day out!

Business Owners; Put Burglars Out Of Business

The more time it takes a burglar to break into your business, the greater the chance he'll move on. Most burglaries are committed by amateurs. They can be deterred if you take basic security measures seriously:
  • Lighting: It is important for your business to be properly lighted inside and out. Outside, there should be lighting near all doors and windows. High pressure sodium vapor lighting is recommended. It eliminates shadows and is inexpensive to operate.
  • Windows: The most vulnerable parts of any business are glass areas. In more than half of business burglaries, entry is made by breaking the glass. All rear and side windows should be replaced or covered with iron bars of 26 gauge (or stronger) wire mesh screens. For display windows, smash-resistant window film should be considered.
  • Before closing up at night: Remember to turn on interior and exterior lights. Leave cash register empty and open. Turn off all computers. Finally, secure and check all doors, windows, and locks before leaving.

The Cost of Heroin...

Some states, including North Carolina, are reporting a rise in heroin use as many addicts shift from more costly and harder-to-get prescription opiates to this cheaper alternative.

In the decade beginning in 1999, North Carolina averaged 53 deaths a year from drug overdoses, with the final year of that decade the outlier with 81 fatalities, according to data from death certificates compiled by the State Center for Health Statistics. The drug's deadly effects have expanded since then. Deaths then rose to 81 in 2009; 85 in 2011; and 160 in 2012. The total fell to 106 last year, though not all post-mortem drug tests are finalized for 2013. None have been recorded yet in 2014.  For more information, follow this story here.

Project Safe Neighborhoods Being Implemented In Lee County

Project Safe Neighborhoods, which has been implemented in cities and counties across North Carolina and the United States, identifies repeat, violent offenders and gives them two options: get on the straight and narrow, or go to prison for a long time.

Project Safe Neighborhoods (“PSN”) is a comprehensive, strategic approach to reducing gun violence and promoting safe communities in this country. PSN combats gun violence by bringing together local, state, and federal law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and community leaders to implement a multi-faceted strategy to deter and punish gun violence.

PSN has created unprecedented coordination among law enforcement officials, with an emphasis on prevention, tactical intelligence gathering, more aggressive prosecutions, and enhanced accountability through performance measures. 

Thanks for the Sanford Herald for their exceptional story, which can be found here:

Two Tramway Men Arrested For Internet Crimes


4/9/2014 @ 9:30 AM Lee County Sheriff Detectives executed a search warrant at 3200 Jefferson Davis Hwy for Johnny Wayne Norris, Michael Ray Norris and computer equipment. Detectives arrested Johnny Wayne Norris (23) W/M of 3200 Jefferson Davis Hwy Sanford and charged him w/ solicitation a 14 yr old child by computer, felonious disseminating obscenity to a 14 year child and taking indecent liberties w/ child on 4/8/2014.  Norris is also charged w/ taking indecent liberties w/ a child for an internet conversation w/ a 13 yr old child on 8/31/2013.

Johnny Wayne Norris was held under $40,000 secured bond.

Michael Ray Norris (20) W/M of that address was arrested for using social media while being a registered sex offender.  Michael Ray Norris was held under $30,000 secured bond.

Couple Arrested After Robbery

4/4/2014 @ 2:40 PM Madeline Burns of 238 Jones Chapel Rd. Sanford reported a man walked into her residence and demanded her purse. Burns reported her front door was open w/ only a screen door being closed. Burns reported the man had his face covered but she believed the man was white and did not display any weapon.  She reported she went into the back room and retrieved her purse and gave it to the suspect. The suspect left on foot.  Burns was not injured.

Aaron Sidney Smith (21) W/M of 4760 Deep River Rd. Sanford was arrested for Common Law Robbery, Felony Breaking and Entering and Possession of stolen goods.

Daisy Lee Holder (28) W/F of 1002 S. Third St. Sanford was arrested for felonious aiding and abetting; she was held under $5,000 secured bond.

Summary - Sheriff's Office Hosting Rabies Clinic

Update - Staff treated 126 animals onsite today at our rabies clinic!  Great Job Everyone!

A rabies clinic hosted by Dr. Schaller of Willow Springs Animal Hospital and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office will be held on April 5, 2014 from 10am to 12pm in the back parking lot of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office) at 1401 Elm Street, Sanford.

Shots - $7.00 each
Dogs MUST be on a leash / Cats MUST be in a cage

Bring your pet’s proof of previous rabies vaccinations

Female Arrested on Robbery and Assault Charges

                              On 4/3/2014, around 3:30 pm, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3000 block of Khalif Court, reference to an assault. 

                               When deputies arrived, they located John White, 73, of 3074 Khalif Court, who was receiving medical treatment from EMS. Mr. White advised a black female approached his residence; indicating she was selling donuts for the Salvation Army. After being inside his residence for several minutes, Mr. White became suspicious and asked the female to leave. The female then assaulted Mr. White, taking an undisclosed amount of money. 

                               Mr. White was transported to Central Carolina Hospital for treatment of minor injuries to his elbows and wrists. At 9:00 pm, Lee County Detectives arrested Melissa Faye Brice, 38, of 921 Oddfellow St., charging her with Common Law Robbery, Assault on a Handicapped Person and Possession of Stolen Property.
She was placed in Lee County Jail under a $101,000 secured bond.