Sheriff Setting Pace For Community Policing

His first week in office Sheriff Tracy Carter participated in three community policing activities. The Sheriff has directed deputies to participate in at least two community policing activities each month. He led a four unit entry in the Sanford Christmas Parade on Monday and arranged for McGruff, the crime fighting dog, to ride with him on Saturday in the Broadway Christmas Parade.

A front page story in the Sanford Herald (11/9/2006) reported that the new Sheriff visited students in the third grade at J.R. Ingram Elementary School to help them wrap up their Kids Voting program. His main message to the students was one of persever­ance. He ran for sheriff in 2000 and lost by a slim margin, but went on to win a hotly contested race last November. He also fielded questions from the students. One of the students, Michael Carter, who is of no rela­tion to the sheriff, was assigned the sheriff’s race. After researching both Carter and Democratic candidate Kevin Bryant, he happened to run into the new sheriff at Pizza Inn and asked him if he would come speak to his class, a request to which Carter readily agreed.The Sheriff said, "I realize there are not Christmas parades every week, but there are community events every day in Lee County. I want deputies to reach out and find out how to be involved. The community can play a role to by inviting our deputies to participate. Had it not been for Michael asking me, I would not have had the pleasure of visiting with the kids at J.R. Ingram Elementary or the privilege of supporting the Kids Voting project. Groups or individuals who would like a deputy to participate in a community event can email Sheriff Carter with their suggestions.