Crack "Room Service" ? Not On My Watch!

WRAL Reports on Drug Unit Undercover Sting Operation"At the Sanford Motel, room service included crack cocaine, according to Lee County sheriff’s deputies. “Mostly they called the front desk, implied what they wanted, and it was delivered to them,” Capt. John Holly said. On Friday, after a six-week undercover operation, deputies arrested the motel’s owner and two employees for selling and delivering cocaine. Kenneth Lee Haggerty, 39, the owner; Cathy Bryant Tyner, 44, the live-in motel operator; and Dennis Martin Farmer,24, Haggerty's son who also lived at the motel, were all arrested. Haggerty and Tyner were charged with multiple counts of sale and delivery of cocaine, possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, and conspiracy to sell and deliver cocaine. Farmer was charged with possession with intent to sell and distribute cocaine."

See the video -"Lee County Collecting 'Substance Tax' From Drug Defendants"Courtesy-WRAL TV-5