What A Great Community We Have

On behalf of the citizens of Lee County, I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for stepping up and being involved in the Shaniya Nicole Davis case. With over 310 volunteers showing up and many turned away, this is what "community" is all about. I personally know individuals that couldn't physically respond to help, but helped in many other ways behind the scenes. Without all the volunteers, the outcome could have been completely different.

I want to personally thank the Emergency Management office of Lee County. Director Shane Seagroves and his staff did a tremendous job. I would also like to thank all the Law Enforcement agencies across the state and Tarheel Canine for their participation in the search and securing the crime scene until cleared.

This was truly a team effort in every aspect. Please continue to keep the Davis family and those involved in the case in your thoughts and prayers.

Sheriff Tracy L. Carter

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Jabree said...

Lee County is very fortunate to have such a kind and caring Sheriff.