Sheriff Carter Celebrates with Young Karate Students

Sheriff Carter attended a ceremony today at G-Force Kenpo Karate Systems, Inc
at 223 B Carthage Street. During the ceremony, the Sheriff's own nephew, Dillon Gattis received his brown belt. Owner Sensei Ben Brooks and Instructor Kevin Julich were present to hand out belts to all that graduated colors.

During the ceremony, Sheriff Carter was awarded an honorary black belt by Sensei Ben Brooks.

Sheriff Carter stated that "the well-rounded teachings of martial arts can positively impact kids by enhancing their life-skills and placing emphasis on their values and attitudes. It also encourages kids to draw on their own strengths and strive for their personal best."

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Teresa Dew said...

Ben Brooks is a fine young man. I have known him since his birth! I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished. He continues to make a great name for himself. Love you Benji.