Man Charged with Kidnpapping & Others Charges

Robert Gray of 547 Forestwood Park Rd. Sanford called 911 and reported his son, Brandon Gerard Gray was holding his girlfreind at gun point threatening to kill her. Gray left the residence before deputies arrived and was stopped by Sanford PD officers after a broadcast was given out for Grays vehicle. Gray was detained by Sanford Offciers and the victm, Nartarsha Alston (36) of 2673 Mallard Cove Rd. Sanford was found in the vehicle unharmed. A pistol was also found in the vehicle. Brandon Gerard Gray (30) of 547 Forestwood Park Rd. Sanford was taken into custody by LCSO detectives and charged with 1st degree kidnapping, assault w/ a deadly weapon w/ intent to kill and communicating threats; he was held under no bond. (more charges are expected today)

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