Common Sense Home Security

Some of our surrounding counties have been experiencing some burglaries at night while the victims were warm and asleep in their beds. Historically, crime, nationwide is higher this time of year because of the purchases made for the upcoming holiday Christmas season are all piled under the family Christmas tree.

Here is just a simple reminder that we call Common Sense Home Security.

Of all your exterior doors, including your garage door is likely to be the most vulnerable. It is the door most likely to be left unlocked and even left open. If you have an attached garage with a door through to the rest of the house, this is a double security risk.

Once inside your garage the thief can work unseen on breaking through that connecting access door. Burglars love cover, they can take their time if there is little chance of being observed, being inside your garage is the perfect cover.

If you do leave your remote in your car, then the chances of a would-be theft accessing your garage (or even inside your home) increase. The theft can simply activate the remote, open the door to the garage and then gain entry into the garage or even your home. If you must leave your remote in the car, lock your vehicle at all times and lock the garage doors if your system is equipped with an internal lock that prevents it from being opened, even with the remote.

  • Make sure the door from your garage into your house is as secure as your front door.
  • Always lock the door from your garage into your house.
  • Ensure that the door to your garage is in good condition.
  • For effective garage door security keep it closed and locked at all times.
There are many home security gadgets homeowners can purchase at local stores or on the internet to further secure their homes if they do not have an electronic alarm system.

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