Lions Club Welcomes Sheriff Carter

Sheriff Tracy Carter addressed the weekly meeting of the Sanford Lions Club Thursday, March 10, 2011. The Sheriff discussed several topics, including technology and recent crime trends.

“I don’t say much about the crime rate because to a victim of crime, it’s still too high” the Sheriff stated. The department has approached crime fighting from several different fronts, including increasing officers’ presence throughout the county, building relationships with citizens and using new technology to fight crime.

The department also has its own successful drug investigation division resulting in the seizure of over $18 million worth of drugs the past four years and countless arrests. "Drugs alone create alot of our crime. We reduce the drugs, we reduce the crime".

The county jail has the most modern fingerprinting and data base technology that helps to properly identify all detainees. Approximately four persons a month are extradited or deported to other states or countries, the Sheriff said.

Sheriff Carter reminded the club that he supports more lenient proposals from lawmakers governing those with concealed weapon permits. He said he has no problem with law abiding citizens who have received training being allowed to carry concealed weapons into more public places.

The Sheriff thanked the Lion Club for their contribution to Lee County and thanked them for allowing him to be a guest speaker for over twenty years now.

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