Looters Arrested On Popular Springs Church Rd

04/17/2011 @ 1: PM Roy Lee Stone (61) W/M of 2791 Poplar Springs Ch. Rd. Sanford and Larry Gray Knight Sr. (54) W/M of 2806 Lemon Springs Rd. Sanford were both arrested for stealing jewelry from a home that was destroyed by the tornado at 520 Polar Springs Ch. Rd. Deputies confronted the two after observing them walking through the debris at 520 Polar Springs Ch. Rd. The jewelry was identified by James Pope of 520 Poplar Springs Rd. Sanford. The jewelry was valued at over $15,000. Both Knight and Stone were held under $30,000 secured bond.

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MorningGlory said...

Looters are the lowest of the low. I hope that justice is swift and punishment is severe. To attempt to profit from tragedy like what was suffered in Lee Co. this weekend is inexcusable.

Lorrie Blackburn