Request from Sheriff Carter

First of all, as Sheriff, the positive response of our community wanting to help has been overwhelming. Continue to pray for those families that have lost loved ones due to the storms. We have had two fatalities and numerous injured. I wanted to ensure that everyone understands what we're dealing with right now...

  • The countless numbers of public safety personnel working the affected areas need your help. We know that many people want to see the damage personally. Please, STAY HOME! This is the biggest way to help. Personnel in these areas have strict instructions to turn everyone away. There are still many assessments to be made by government officials and searches continue. Again, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THESE AREAS.

  • Anyone caught looting will be dealt with harshly. This is the time for our community to step up and respect each other and their property. If you find property from the storm, do not touch it, if you do, you could be mistaken as a looter and you will be arrested!

  • A curfew has been set for Lee County until further notice, effective today from 8pm to 7am. Again, please adhere to the local laws that have been set in place to protect you.

  • While traveling throughout rural Lee county, have a raised sense of awareness since many power lines and other debris have yet to be cleared from roadways. Do not attempt to maneuver around downed lines. Report them to 800-419-6356.

  • Progress Energy has warned those using generators NOT to directly connect them to your house wiring. They have had several reports of this feeding back into the residence causing damage and injuries.
There are too many people to thank at this time, but I do want to publicly thank our great local public safety community and public works personnel. I want to thank the many Sheriff's across NC that have volunteered their staff and resources in our search and clean up efforts; Pittsboro PD for their assistance; and both Rep.'s Stone and Ellmers for their commitment to our community in an effort to get us back on track. Please adhere to the local laws set forth and thank you for allowing me to serve as your Sheriff. The Department of Emergency Management is preparing further press releases. You can stay tuned to our blog site; facebook page or the Sanford Herald for more local information.

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