County Extends Deadline for Storm Debris Removal

Lee County has extended the deadline for placing storm debris in the right-of-way for collection by the County’s contractor to Friday, May 20th. Any debris placed out for collection after this date will be the responsibility of the property owner. In keeping with FEMA guidelines, only storm generated debris will be collected by Lee County or its contractors. Storm generated debris is any loose debris removed from a structure by the tornado. Residents are reminded that any homes demolished or removed by a hired contractor should not be placed curbside. All hired contractors are expected to remove damaged structures and haul the resulting debris to a permitted disposal facility. Any property owners needing assistance are encouraged to register at the Disaster Recovery Center at the McSwain Center located at 2420 Tramway Road or to call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when placing your storm generated debris curbside for collection:

  1. Do not place demolished homes curbside for collection by the County. Only the debris from your home that was caused by the storm will be collected by the County’s contractor. For guidance on what is eligible storm debris call Lee County General Services at 919-718-4622.

2. Do not put your foundation or concrete slab to the right-of-way for pickup. The foundation and/or slab from homes are not eligible storm debris under FEMA Guidelines.

  1. Do not place debris on top of utilities, for example: cable, phone, electrical, storm drain boxes or fire hydrants.
  2. Please do not place debris in front of or around your mailbox.
  3. Please do not place debris in front of or around your driveway, as emergency vehicles may need to enter the area.
  4. Please drive with extreme caution in areas with large debris piles.
  5. Please do not block or dump any debris into the storm drains or ditches. This will cause a flood hazard.
  6. Please aid contractors by sweeping excess and loose debris from the street in front of your house.
  7. Please create separate hazardous debris piles, such as paint cans, propane tanks, etc., from construction and demolition debris piles. This will aid the expedited collection of debris from the roadway.
  8. Report damages that occur to your personal property to the Byrd Brothers hotline, 1-866-932-0333.
  9. Report drainage problems to Lee County General Services, 919-718-4622.

Lee County would like to thank its citizens for their cooperation, patience and support as we continue to recover from the Tornado of April 16. For more information call Lee County General Services at 919-718-4622.

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