St. Andrews Area Residental Information

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has committed additional resources to support the St. Andrews area residents throughout the clean up phase. We will continue to provide support to the community as the rebuilding phase moves forward. The department has assessed the situation weekly and in working with the NC Department of Transportation’s request to reopen St. Andrews main roadway we will implement the following plan:

Residents and authorized contractors/visitors can use the following controlled access
points to enter the subdivision:
Lemon Springs Road / Meadow Drive
St. Andrews / Southern end of Hunt Springs Drive
Both points of Carson Drive

These following roads will be barricaded off to all traffic:
Northgate / St. Andrews
Northern end Hunt Springs Drive / St. Andrews

In addition to the officers at the controlled access points, we will have one additional officer roaming the area.

All residents in the St. Andrews Subdivision are asked to replace their pink access card for a green card printed just for St. Andrews residents. Officers can verify your address from a driver’s license or a vehicle registration card. Residents can request one of the new cards at the access points or at the command unit. The Sheriff’s Office Command Unit will be relocated to Hunt Springs Baptist Church. Please continue to report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office by calling 775-5531 anytime.

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