Don't Be Silly

Every year, local law enforcement warns of drinking and driving during the holiday season. “There will be a lot of people going to parties,” Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter said. “We’re hoping that people will plan ahead and have designated drivers, but we definitely want to make sure for ourselves, so we are going to have extra patrols on the road.” Carter said enforcing traf­fic laws during this time of year is an outgrowth of his depart­ment’s focus on traffic enforcement. “We’re really encouraging all of our uniform patrol to pay attention to and enforce traffic laws,” he said. “In addi­tion to making sure people aren’t out driving impaired, it also goes hand-in-hand with crime prevention. Finding out who’s moving around is part of deterring crime.” Besides risking your life and the lives of others, a DWI conviction in NC could cost one $4000.00, plus up to a 400% increase in their insurance, mandated substance abuse counseling and a criminal record. "It's just easier to hand your keys to someone who's been asked to be the designated driver." 

There are local area resources available as well..  (serving Lee, Harnett and Moore County)

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