Couple Arrested After Robbery

4/4/2014 @ 2:40 PM Madeline Burns of 238 Jones Chapel Rd. Sanford reported a man walked into her residence and demanded her purse. Burns reported her front door was open w/ only a screen door being closed. Burns reported the man had his face covered but she believed the man was white and did not display any weapon.  She reported she went into the back room and retrieved her purse and gave it to the suspect. The suspect left on foot.  Burns was not injured.

Aaron Sidney Smith (21) W/M of 4760 Deep River Rd. Sanford was arrested for Common Law Robbery, Felony Breaking and Entering and Possession of stolen goods.

Daisy Lee Holder (28) W/F of 1002 S. Third St. Sanford was arrested for felonious aiding and abetting; she was held under $5,000 secured bond.

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Susan White said...

Thank you Sheriff Carter for you & your deputies doing the absolute best to keep Lee county safe.