Rising Stars

The Sheriffs' Rising Stars wrapped up their summer program today.  This years group was an even four young men and four young ladies, ages 13-14. The group started Tuesday off with Sheriff Carter welcoming them followed by a DWI/Under age drinking computer demonstration and then were shown how our Crime Scene Lab works and were able to lift prints, toured the office and jail and finished the day with attorney Chaz Post speaking to them.
Wednesday, they visited Polk Youth Center in Butner and toured the prison.
Today, they were able to participate by doing the POPAT which is a physical fitness test that BLET students must pass before becoming certified; attended a K9 demonstration from Hector, attended a session with Judge Stewart and toured the remaining areas of the office and courthouse.

(Pictured is the leader from the Boys and Girls Club, Darrin Walker accompanied by Deputy Scott Mauldin and K9 Hector)

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