Staying Safe While You Stay Warm

I's not quite that time yet but at least we can start planning ahead.
Extremely cold weather is rare in our area, but when temperatures drop, the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Lee County Emergency Management want you to remember these tips to stay safe while you stay warm:

  • If you use portable heaters, be sure they have an automatic safety shut-off switch and never leave children unattended in rooms with portable heaters. Read instructions carefully. Some models are strictly forbidden for inside use.
  • Supervise children and pets at all times when a portable space heater is in use.
  • Never use space heaters to dry flammable items such as clothing or blankets.
  • Keep all flammable objects at least three feet from space heaters.
  • Install smoke detectors on every level, test them monthly and replace batteries at least yearly.
  • If any appliances or heating devices in your home produce carbon monoxide (CO), be sure to install CO detectors in your home and then test and properly maintain the detectors.
  • Have a qualified service technician check and clean your heating system every year.
For additional fire prevention information, call the Lee County Emergency Management at 919 718-4670 or by email at

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