Be Safe!

Be Safe People!

If you have children, perhaps this is a conversation and pledge you should have with them.
Print it out, have parents and kids sign it!
Ø  I will not knowingly allow underage youth (under 21) to consume or use alcohol or illegal drugs at my home, on my property, or at gatherings I am hosting at other locations.

Ø  I will provide reasonable adult supervision for parties of underage youth at my home or on my property. When I am out of town, I will not knowingly allow my children to host parties at my home.

Ø  If I have weapons in my home, I will make sure those weapons are secured according to the law.

Ø  I will make every effort to lock up alcohol and medications in my home keeping them out of the wrong hands.

According to North Carolina General Statute NCGS 18B-302(a), as a parent/guardian, you cannot legally give alcohol to any child, including your own, who is under 21, even in your own residence, even with another parent’s permission.

NCGS 14-316.1: 18B-302(c) specifies that you can not knowingly allow an underage person to consume or possess alcohol in your residence, even if you did not purchase the alcohol.

All weapons in your home must be secured according to the child access prevention/safe storage law, NCGS 14-315.1

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