Former Lee County Sheriffs Honored

Sheriff Carter held a ceremony this week to remember and honor the former Sheriffs of Lee County.  He invited town and county officials, judicial officials, but most importantly Sheriffs and their families and survivors of those that were honored for the ceremony.  

Jimmy Haire spoke on the history of the Sheriffs and a wall was unveiled in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office that held portraits of 7 of the former Sheriffs.  Sheriff Carter felt that it was very important to preserve this history and honor those that helped build such a strong office.  

Sheriff Carter does ask that if anyone has photos of J.C. Watson, Charles Petty, D.E. Lasater, Landon Rosser, Bud Turner, Sam Womble or Ernest White to please contact the Sheriff's Office at 919-718-4561 so that we can get these men added to our wall.

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