LCSO - Gang Awareness Training

On Thursday, Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the NC Division of Juvenile Justice hosted a Gang Awareness seminar at the Dennis Wicker Civic Center.  

Attendees included representatives from Boys & Girls Club of Lee County, NC Center for Safer Schools, Lee and Harnett county schools, 25 other law enforcement agencies, CCCC and other state-wide campus police agencies, including Federal Bureau of Investigations and a variety of workers including nurses and social workers from statewide centers for families.  Guest speakers included experienced gang investigators JP and Michelle Guarino.

Some of the topics covered were “Gangs 101”, “Gang Psychology”, “Interviewing and Communications”, “Program Development” and ended the day with Q/A panel discussion with some of our local leaders, including Bishop Charles Mellette (Christian Provision Ministries), Chris Autry (Assistant District Attorney),  Robert Reives Jr (Attorney and Representative in the General Assembly District 54), and Chris Mclean (Chaplain Sanford Correctional).  They fielded numerous questions from the audience about their involvement in the community and how to bring the community together to rid gang activity. They discussed it from the faith based side, issues within the court system and how gang activity affects prosecution of cases and shared personal stories.

“Gang Free North Carolina” is a gang prevention, intervention, suppression and policy organization committed to developing, promoting and sustaining state-wide strategies, policies and laws that will reduce criminal gangs and the associated criminal activity, to include injury and death. Most importantly, a Gang Free North Carolina will aid and assist North Carolinian's in every capacity in strategies and recommended programs to reduce gangs and gang violence.

Breakfast and lunch was provided by the Lee County and Harnett County Juvenile Crime Prevention Counsels!  (Thanks!)

For more information on NC Gangs, visit!gang-free-nc/gth3j

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