2016 LCSO Sheriff's Youth Leadership Program

The 2016 Lee County Sheriff’s Office served almost 70 kids this year through our 2 week Youth Leadership Program. The first week we hosted 9-12 year old youth and the second week we hosted 13-15 year old youth.
This is without a doubt our most enjoyable event of the year with our young community!

All lunches and snacks were provided each day, and transportation to and from the program was provided as well if needed.

Sheriff Carter welcomed each group of students and played an active part in the events each Friday. Major Carlton Lyles, Lt Dana Elliott, Sgt Bridges and Sgt James Estes made sure that things were well coordinated. Officers were represented from every division within the agency. Nine School Resource Officers assisted each day – Megan Rosser, Cara Schneider, Sgt Robert Mclean, Larry Whitaker, Chris Bedwell, Adam Kindle, Rikita Mays, Terrance Simpson and Kevin Spivey. The SROs were present during all of the activities and field trips and played in daily games of dodgeball. Detective Karlik Hill made sure to get his fair share of dodge ball as well!  Detectives Matt Watson and Jennifer Stanifer created a crime scene for the students to investigate.  Captain Brian Estes along with Captain Bryan Allen and Narcotics Agent Jay Fraley held a very competitive egg toss and had the kids compete in some fun physical activities. Sgt Tim Bolduc and Corporal Ken Hill gave the students a tour of the court house and explained how things were ran from that aspect.  Captain Wade Barker and Sgt Chris Marcum gave the students tours of the Lee Co Jail.  Captain Brian Estes also visited the kids to give them a Taser demonstration.  Each Friday during our cookouts at the Lee Co Wildlife Club we had members of our Patrol, Civil, Narcotics, Detective, and Jail divisions as well as our command staff that came out to bait fishing hooks, throw footballs and answer questions about their fields. Administrative staff Whitney Doby and Susan Stone assisted to make sure all of the proper paper work was filed as well as assisting in clarifying attendance.  Chief Randall Butler was key in assuring that proper Purchase Orders were in place.

Southern Lee High School allowed us to use their facility to have a classroom setting each day, and also allowed us use of their golf cart for the days that we discussed drugged/drunk driving and utilized a course with the Fatal Vision Goggles. Thank you to their staff and Superintendent Dr Andy Bryan. Sanford Fire Department and EMS came and spoke about their training and daily activities in their career path. The students were given tours of the NC State Highway Patrol Academy in Garner as well as Polk Correctional in Butner.  Judge Jones, Judge Lee, Assistant DA Chris Autry and Attorney Robert Reives II gave the students great advice in a court room setting and discussed their education to get them to the positions that they are in. Chief Tasha Mclean and Lottae Jones from the Department of Community Corrections came and spoke about the role that probation officers play in our community. Students toured the Airbourne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville and the facility allowed us all to ride the simulator for free! Emergency Management allowed us use of their classroom as instructors from the Lee County Wildlife Club, Bob McCorkle and Cecil Yates taught students about gun safety. While Coremark donated the food for each Friday’s cookout, Randy Seagroves came on his own time with his own grill and cooked for the students, staff, and parents! The Lee County Wildlife Club allowed us to use their facilities each week! Lee County Commissioners, county office employees, as well as members of our local NAACP came out and celebrated with us each Friday. The Sanford Herald spent a couple of days with us following our activities,   And last but not least, Bishop Charles Mellette and Christian Provision Ministries provided us with drivers AND vans to transport our students and officers on all of these amazing field trips and activities!

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