Lock it or Lose It!

It's that time of year again where we notice spikes in car break-ins (unlocked and locked cars). Nearly half of vehicle theft is the result of driver error, such as leaving a key in the ignition or a door unlocked.  Criminals are looking for those that may have left Christmas purchases and other valuables in the car.  An unlocked door or window is an easy target for thieves.  The estimated total value of vehicles stolen nationwide each year exceeds $4.3 billion! Only half of vehicles reported stolen are recovered.

Some tips for keeping your vehicles and valuables safe:
1.  Always close windows, lock doors, and take the key with you.
2.  Never leave your vehicle unattended while running.
3.  Park in a garage if available.  Lock BOTH the car and the garage.
4.  Don't leave your keys unattended, especially in easily accessible areas.
5.  Keep vehicle registration and proof of insurance on you; DON'T leave these documents in your glove compartment.​
6.  Always park in well-lit areas.
7.  Never leave valuables or packages in your vehicle, especially WHERE THEY CAN BE SEEN.  Put them in the trunk!
8.  Report suspicious activity by calling 911.

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