Lee County Sheriff’s Office 2017 Youth Academy

Attention Lee County Parents! Have your youth join us for a week filled with:
· Field trips
· Hands-on activities
· Meet & Learn about members of:
     - Public Safety
     - EMS & Fire
     - Judicial System
     - Military                 
· Firearm and other safety presentations
· Graduation Cookout!
This program is Law Enforcement based and will be set in a well structured environment.  The participants will interact closely with members of the Lee County Sheriff’s office as they learn daily about the laws in NC that may impact them.  From social media, internet safety and bullying to firearm safety and drug and alcohol awareness.  

Date: July 24-28    |   Time: 9AM-330 PM Mon—Fri
Ages 9-12 at academy start date

See your SRO, school counselor, social worker or visit the Sheriff’s Office for an application.

The academy is free and lunches & snacks will be provided daily.

Contact person: Sgt Jynn Bridges 919-718-4561 EXT 5608  |  jbridges@leecountync.gov
This is NOT a “SCARED STRAIGHT” type of academy.   It’s for youth that want to experience hand on activities alongside local law enforcement officers, first responders and active duty military.

Applications must be completed in FULL to be considered.  Applications must be turned in by May 26th.

ONLY Lee County residents are eligible and participants must have not attended before.

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