Senior Keep Check Fruit Basket Delivery

One of my favorite events of the year is when my staff and I venture out and visit all of our "Keep Check" members!  This week, the Lee County Sheriff's Office delivered 100 fruit baskets and department calendars to seniors, who were part of our "Senior Keep Check Fruit Basket Delivery" program. 

Along with the fruit this year, we had some special additions!  Students from all over Lee county made ornaments, cards and other goodies for each basket.  Along with the Community Police Unit, Narcotics Unit, Detective Division, Bailiff Division, Civil Division and other members of the office, we all took part in the delivery.  

While out and about, staff also stopped in at houses along the way and reminded citizens to lock their car doors, report any suspicious activity they see, and just to overall have a Merry Christmas.  Operations like this are just as important to the officers that participate as it is to those that they serve. 

Keep Check is a program that our Special Operations & Community Services Unit oversees throughout the year where elderly citizens are added to our department database and checked on weekly. Throughout the year, me and my staff conduct visits to these individuals.

For more information on this community program, please contact Sgt Bridges @ ( with our Special Operations & Community Services Unit.

Funding for this event was provided by local
drug revenue money!  #yayfordrugarrests!!

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