Sheriff's Narcotics Unit Gets New Member

Buvi Now A County-Wide Resource!

When Tracy Carter was Chief of the Lee County Schools Special Police, his agency became the only law enforcement agency in the county to have a K-9 officer with a highly trained drug dog. Now Buvi, a Belgian Malinois, is coming to work for now Sheriff Carter as part ot the Sheriff's Narcotics Unit. Buvi is teamed with David Prevatte, a school resouce officer, who is joining the county drug unit.Under an agreement with the Lee County Board of Education, the Sheriff's Office will purchase Buvi for $1, and the Sheriff's Office will assist the schools with drug searches as needed."I am pleased to have Buvi back," said Sheriff Carter. "Now we can put him to work county-wide." The Sheriff added that Buvi would also be available to assist, if requested, by the Sanford and Broadway Police Departments. Trained drug dogs such as Buvi are especially helpful with drug interdiction--a priority of the Sheriff's Office.