Sex Offenders Charged With Failing to Register

(courtesy of the Sanford Herald)

Making sure sex offenders are registered with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was the focus of a campaign organized by Lt. Ed Murchison on Wedsnesday. Murchioson and his group, which consisted of Sheriff Tracy Carter and members of the Lee CountyParole and Probation office, spent much of the day contacting Lee County’s roughly 50 sex offenders and making sure that they were properly registered with the office.

Under North Carolina’s Constitution, county sheriffs are responsible for maintaining a registry of sex offenders in their county. Sheriff Tracy Carter said the initiative was started for several reasons. There are new laws as of December about how sex offenders are required to register with their county sheriff, citizens are often unaware that they have access to information about whether sex offenders are living in their neighborhoods, and many sex offenders are unaware of the procedures they must go through to register.

Murchison stated that the campaign is one that will be repeated periodically. “The sheriff wants people to know that he’s taking a touch stance on this,” Murchison said.

Failing to register with the sheriff is a felony charge. At the end of the day, the task force was able to take 3 unregistered sex offenders into custody. For more information on sex offenders residing in Lee County, click here.

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