Beware - "ATM Skimmers"

There is a ring of individuals placing skimmers on Cashpoints ATMs in the Greensboro and Raleigh area. A skimmer is a device that records the information that is stored on an ATM card's magnetic strip. This information is then used in conjunction with counterfeit cards to make fraudulent withdrawals from the cardholder's account.

Skimmers are being attached directly over the card readers using double sided tape. You can tell if a skimmer has been in place because there will be "residue" from the tape after the skimmer is removed. Since skimmers do not capture the PINs, the suspects also install a camera to observe individuals entering their PINs on the keypad. These cameras will be very small and could be mounted on the glass surrounds of the ATM, the ceiling, or on the ATM above the keypad. A way to test an ATM is to grab onto the machine and pull toward you. If the machine does not have a skimmer attached, nothing will happen. If however it is, it will pull off with a little force.
To date, none have been reported in Sanford, however with the holiday season here, the Sheriff ask that you be a little more attentive than usual...

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