N.C. law requires taxes on illegal substances

The state of North Carolina has collected more than $135 million in taxes from confiscated illegal substances since 1992 – about $50 million of it within the past five years. The story by WRAL can be seen here. According to our calculations, to date, since 2006, the Lee County Sheriff has received more than $300,000.00 from the State of North Carolina for their work in drug seizures and arrests.

This money is set aside for weapons, body armour, community policing efforts, surveillance equipment and other gear to combat the crime and drugs in our county. This money comes from taxes charged to the criminals arrested by seizing their assets or selling them at state auction.

Please continue to report crimes in progress, suspicious activity you see in your neighborhood.
Some crimes reported may be tied to a reward leading to the arrest(s) of the person(s) involved.

Let's all do our part in taking back our county.

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