County Press Release on Storm Debris Removal

Press Release # 15

April 28, 2011 – Lee County, North Carolina

Lee County has adopted regulations for the removal of disaster-generated debris. An efficient and effective system has been established in coordination with the debris contractor, Byrd Brothers, so citizens will know what to expect and how to have storm-generated debris removed successfully.

Contractors are working seven (7) days a week, twelve (12) hours a day to collect ONLY storm-generated debris.

Lee County has been divided into multiple debris collection zones. The County contractor is beginning debris collection operations in the hardest hit areas of Saint Andrews and Kendale Road. Debris contractors are collecting all the storm-generated debris moved to the curb from one subdivision/street/block in a zone before moving to the next zone. Citizen cooperation and patience is very much appreciated during this trying time.

The first pass for debris collection will begin on April 28th and be completed by May 8th or sooner. After the first pass has been completed, crews will move to the second and third passes.

The debris collected will include vegetative debris and bulky material, large construction material, white goods and items that pose a health and safety risk. Any debris placed out for collection after the FINAL PASS will not be collected by the County.

Please follow these guidelines as you prepare to place debris curbside for collection:
Do not place debris on top of utilities, for example, cable, phone, electrical, storm drain boxes or fire hydrants.

Do not place debris in front of or around mailboxes.

Do not place debris in front of or around your driveway, as emergency vehicles may need to enter the area.

Please drive with extreme caution in areas with large debris piles.

Do not block or dump debris into storm drains or ditches. This will cause a flood hazard.

Please help contractors by sweeping excess and loose debris from the street in front of your house.

Create separate hazardous debris piles, such as paint cans, propane tanks, etc., from construction and demolition debris piles. This will aid the collection of debris from the roadway.

Please report damages that occur to your personal property to Byrd Brothers hotline # 1-888-932-0333.

Report drainage problems to Lee County General Services, 718-4622.

Your patience, cooperation and assistance are appreciated as this monumental clean-up effort begins.

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