Kudos to Trooper Mark Cole

I wanted to follow up on the great coverage the Sanford Herald did on Trooper Mark Cole today for a job well done. (Read the story).

On March 16th, Trooper Mark Cole, a 28 year veteran of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, said he was only doing his job when he assisted Martha Garcia Lopez on Hwy 421 near NC 87. Mrs. Lopez appeared to have been operating her vehicle and began to have a heart attack, which was witnessed by Trooper Cole.

Trooper Cole was able to realize that the driver was in distress and radioed for EMS to respond.
I was happy to hear today that Mrs. Lopez is doing fine.

Mark also is employed part-time with the Lee County Sheriff's Department and is a crucial part of our in-house training program.

Often times, Law Enforcement personnel are only recognized when they fail to do what is expected, not the other way around. This is a case with Mark was at the right place at the right time and I believe that Mrs. Lopez would have to agree! Congrats Mark, job well done!

Sheriff Tracy Carter

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