Update From The County Tuesday Night

Press Release #4
April 19, 2011 - Lee County, North Carolina

Governor Beverly Perdue announced today the establishment of a State Hot Line Information number. Citizens and Businesses can call 888-835-9966 to get updated information from the State on Storm related issues. Citizens can also check for informational updates and other resources on the County's webpage at www.leecountync.gov.

The County continues to assess the extent of the damage. State Emergency Management Officials are assisting with an entire re-assessment of the damaged area. The damaged area starts in the southwest corner of the county near Plank Road at the Moore County Line and stretches 10.5 miles to the Cape Fear River in the Northeast corner of the County at the Chatham County line. This is a massive area to cover. If you have not seen assessment teams in your area please call Lee County Emergency Management at 718-4670. As of this release here are the preliminary assessment numbers for all structures in Lee County:

Destroyed - 60
Major Damage - 51
Moderate Damage - 52
Minor Damage - 109

The Community Development Department for Sanford/Lee County will be instituting an expedited building permit process for individuals and contractors who are doing work in the affected areas. Homes continue to be inspected by the County/City Inspections department and damage assessment teams. If a home is condemned or posted then the home cannot be occupied. Homeowners cannot stay in a home that is condemned or posted.

The County has not been declared a Federal Disaster area as of this release. Until it is, a storm debris removal plan is not in place. If you hire a private contractor to remove debris from your property, the contractor is responsible to properly dispose of that debris. In the meantime, we are recommending that if you need to move debris in your yard that you place it as near your street as possible. All debris needs to be separated into vegetative, demolition debris and metal debris piles. Please do not comingle these materials.

The County remains under a State of Emergency. A curfew remains in effect daily from 8:00 pm until 8:00 am in the designated affected areas of the county. Law Enforcement Agencies will be actively enforcing the curfew. Citizens who do not reside in the affected areas will not be able to access those areas during the curfew. If you need temporary living assistance please contact the American Red Cross at 774-6857.

Contrary to what was reported in the Sanford Herald today, the County will not be euthanizing animals at the County animal shelter due to overcrowding. We have suspended euthanizing of animals and are not enforcing capacity levels during the State of Emergency. If you have any issues involving your pets and need assistance you can contact animal control at 776-7446. We are also asking that you report lost pets to that number or the Sheriff's Office at 718-4561.

If you have questions, Lee County's Hotline number is 718-4670. Please leave your name and number and someone from the county will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also dial 211 for information updates.

Many resources can be found on the county website as well.

Important phone numbers -
Lee County Emergency Management - 718-4670
Sanford Lee County Building Inspections - 718-4656
American Red Cross - 774-6857
Lee County Animal Control Shelter - 776-7446
Lee County Sheriff's Office - 718-4561

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