Citizens Beware - Paving Scam


The department has been receiving some reports of a scam involving phony contractors offering to do unsolicited work for a low price.   The suspect is a white male, going door to door soliciting driveway work, both gravel and asphalt. He is reported to be driving a white truck with a yellow light on top. He’s taking money up front and never returning. Anyone who encounters him,  please call the Sheriff’s Office at 919-775-5531. Do not give him money.  Please calmly ask for a business card or contact information and tell him you'll call him back.

As a reminder, before you agree to have someone do work for you, ask to see their  contractors license. Get several quotes for the same job from reputable contractors.
Another common scam is for individuals to gain entrance into your house through trick. They may ask to use the phone, or get a drink of water. while you are distracted they, or an accomplice, quickly look for any valuables  left out in the open. Often times  people don’t realize they have been robbed unti it is too late.

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