Credit Card Skimmers Found In Lee County

If you are not aware, a credit card skimmer (though it can work with a debit card as well) is a device inserted into a machine that reads credit cards and steals the information off of it.  A skimmer device was located on a gas pump in Southern Lee county this week.

Some credit card skimmers are placed right over the display itself to take your card and copy its information. So when you go to pump your gas or make a transaction with the ATM, check to see if it’s secure. This can be the slot where you put in your card or the key panel.  If it feels loose, do not use it. If it looks different than other pumps at the same location, do not use it. And if you pop it off, definitely do not use it. Report it to the nearest law enforcement agency ASAP.

Be on the lookout when using your debit or credit card.  Here are some simple rules to follow to protect your identity and your bank account;

1.    No transaction is 100% safe
2.    Keep check on your accounts and verify your statements often
3.    Chip transactions are much safer than swipe transactions
4.    Use the credit option instead of debit.  They are much easier to cancel and/or dispute

Gas Transactions:
1.    Skimmers target pumps at stores that close over night
2.    Always check for external devices attached to the pump
3.    Look for the security tape on the pump
4.    Go inside and pay if possible
5.    When in doubt, don’t… Go somewhere else

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