Phone Scam Alert!

A tax scam is reported to be popping up in Lee County.  The callers, identifying themselves as IRS agents are claiming citizens owe the government taxes and needed to pay the money or be arrested.

Believe it or not, this scam has coughed up more than $15 million dollars from victims in the last two years in the United States. 

The U.S. Treasury Department says this scam is a major concern because it is persistent. Scammers can easily get your phone number from a telephone listing and even some of them have personal information about you that they've captured through identity theft or by social media.

You should note that the IRS will never make initial contact with you by phone or email. The agency will send you an official letter in the mail. The IRS will never threaten to arrest you.

Never be pressured to send money, money orders or prepaid credit cards to ANYONE you don't know.

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